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What to Look for in an in Costa Rica Vacation Rental Property

When booking a vacation rental property in Costa Rica, one may consider a few things in order to narrow down the search. First, take into consideration safety and security. Secondly, think about the size of the property. Lastly, inquire about the location and the amenities that are included with the rental property. After taking these elements into account, deciding on the perfect vacation rental should be simple.

Safety and security are essential. Renting a safe and secure home during a Costa Rican vacation allows one to come as they please while having a complete sense of safety. When browsing various properties, inquire as to what security features the home offers such as an alarm system, circuit cameras, security gate, guarded entrance and the like.

The size of a vacation rental property is critically important, especially when traveling with a group or large family. Before embarking on the search for the ideal vacation rental property, ensure that one has an exact count of everyone in the traveling party. Visualize the maximum number of bedrooms required to allow everyone a comfortable space for sleeping and relaxing.

Additionally, consider the minimum entertainment space needed to host everyone as well as visitors. Will there be group dinners or extra guests attending brunch one day? Make sure dining and entertainment space are sufficient. Ultimately, choosing a property that has more space than one needs can be less stressful than trying to provide comfort and relaxation when space is simply not available.

Location is essential. Ideally, the chosen rental property will be strategically situated nearby the places that one values most on a vacation. That may be close proximity to a beach, shopping venues, restaurants, and bars or natural wonders such as caves, jungles, and volcanoes. That’s right if volcanoes are on the list of things to see then consider the eastern or western areas of Costa Rica. This region is known for The Arenal Volcano and amazing rain forests.

If sunbathing sounds enjoyable then consider renting on the Pacific Coast or the Caribbean. Both regions offer exceptionally pristine beaches with clear water and white sands. Playa Tamarindo offers an array of nearby bars and restaurants where one can enjoy cocktails with fellow tourists and natives alike.

Playa Conchal is just the right place for some peaceful and serene relaxation. Both coasts are magnificent for surfing and snorkeling as well. Outdoor excursions such as mountain hiking, horseback riding, and cycling are in abundance throughout Costa Rica.